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Advantage for you

  • Fast and short-term availability
  • Dynamic fleet conformation
  • Exact daily variation depending on use
  • Simple fleet management
  • No maintenance obligations
  • No investment/ capital lockup

Trailer Rental Contact

Rent directly:
Hanzepoort 25E
NL-7575 DB Oldenzaal
Tel. +31 541 589112

Trailer Rental

The proper trailer for your needs.  We provide custom tailored offers.

Individual and always profitable

You need additional semi-trailers, no problem:
CargoBeamer will provide a suitable trailer for your needs allowing a worry free entry into the world of combined transport. You need no capital investment; relieving your fleet management, allowing you to use your automobiles and trucks more effectively.
Naturally you can use our semi-trailers for one-way service if you have no return cargo.


Heavy load capacity, simple loading operations, quick load securing with DIN EN 12642 Code XL.  With numerous options these trailers are very versatile for many different transport tasks.

Coil Semi-trailer

A semi-trailer with an 8.84m long coil indentation for professional Coil Transportation that weighs in at only 6,900 kg on the scale.  The chassis is purpose-built, reinforced, and withstands extreme point loading.

Reefer Trailer

Full load cooling efficiency:  Our cooling containers provide the best answer for every transport detail.  Whether vegetables, meat, or frozen products, our Reefer Trailers fulfill every requirement.

Walking Floor Trailer

Walking Floor Vehicles are perfect for exact and thorough emptying of bulk material.  From scrap and rubbish, or quartz sand, to potatoes, turnips and grains, right up to wood chips, pellets or saw dust; you can safely transport, load, and unload your freight.