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Trucking Contact

Order directly:
Heisterkamp Transport B.V.
Hanzepoort 7
NL-7575 DB Oldenzaal
Tel. +31 541 589000

Preparation and Last-mile Trucking

You tend to your client / shipping agent; we will organize a neutral initial approach and follow-up for your semi-trailer.

We have developed a concept for our customers that provides worry free entry into unaccompanied combined transport: The organization of preparation and Last-mile service.  Apart from our regular CargoBeamer service by rail, you can also book pick-up and delivery of your semi-trailers; it does not matter when or where you are going.

Our Partner

Our neutral trucking partner, Heisterkamp, will take your semi-trailer to the customer or deliverer in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, and Italy.  Heisterkamp does not load freight itself.

You can efficiently deploy your fleet locally 27/7; including holidays and Sundays, as combined transport is not affected on these days by a driving ban. This means your drivers have regular shifts, quiet weekends, and time with their families after work. The driver/ personnel problems disappear and you save additional out-of-pocket expenses..