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Additional Fees

When transporting; before, during, or after the transport, additional charges incurred that are not included in the agreed price of transport, are charged separately.

Parking Charges

Semitrailers are not charged one calendar day prior to shipment and one calendar day after arrival of shipment when parked in the terminal. After that, charges are incurred for each calendar day parked. Sundays and public holidays are not counted as parking days.
Semi-trailers with hazardous materials must be delivered or picked up at the dispatch on arrival day.

Order Changes

Order changes are only allowed under certain conditions, for example, after booking the transport or when services are provided in the terminal, a fee is then due. These costs will be charged according to expenditure.

Elimination of Defects in Semi-trailer

If defects are found which prevent the transport, for example,  a damaged tarpaulin, or un-locked cargo doors, load shift, missing or inadequate hazardous markings, etc. on the semi-trailer, repairs can be carried out after consultation with you. The incurred costs are passed on.

Dangerous Goods Surcharge

The service provider CargoBeamer and infrastructure managers require supplements for the special effort in the handling of dangerous goods. These supplements are reported separately in the invoice.

Cancellation Fees

If a booked semi-trailer is not delivered to the terminal, or delivered after final loading time the day of shipping, or not at all registered in the CargoBeamer Online Service Portal  or transferred, this penalty will be charged. The amount is specified in the tender made by CargoBeamer.