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Booking and Settlement Procedure

For booking we require the following information

Information for the Transport of Trailers

  • Date of shipment
  • Shipping Terminal
  • Receiving Terminal
  • Optional Trucking Preparation and Last-mile
    Optional Trailer rental
  • Gross Load Weight/ Total weight of trailer
  • Trailer type (Curtain Sider, Flatbed Truck, Reefer, Semi-trailer, Walking-Floor, Tank Trailer, Silo-trailer, Dumping-trailer, Chassis)
  • Trailer Registration Number
  • Description of Goods, including Dangerous Goods and Customs
  • Seal Number
Information for Delivery and Receiving the Trailer
  • Lorry Driver´s Name
  • Trucks Registration Number
  • Trucking Company

Booking Confirmation

  • While booking, free capacity will be checked. In case we cannot meet your requirements for your desired transport route; notification will come immediately.
  • We will answer your email and include a booking confirmation.  Included in the confirmation is a Transport Identification Number that must be handed over by the driver when delivering or receiving a trailer.


We have a well established XML-Format Interface for customers with large delivery volume.  This Interface makes direct communication with the shipping company´s system.  Through this integration of the Interface; available booking data can be viewed.

Settlement Procedure

When booking, the transport fee is due, except when another agreement has been made.  Payment can be made in advance/ account in credit, bank transfer or SEPA-Company Direct Debit.

Using CargoBeamer regularly, will allow you the opportunity to make a framework agreement for freight and other contractual claims which have arisen in connection with the use of services, and extended terms of payment. Once the necessary guarantees are established in the form of a credit insurance or bank guarantee, a collaboration to send invoices can be finalised.