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CargoBeamer Compactx

The search for suitable locations for new KV handling facilities in central Europe shows us how difficult it is, for example, in a densely populated country like Germany, to find new large terminal areas with at least 700 m of straight track, rail link for freight; including possible allocation and track access roads for 700 m long trains, parking areas for at least 100 trucks, approved road access for trucks making between 500-1000 trips per day, all the while thinking about drainage and conservation etc.

Under these circumstances, our new solution for handling facilities is termed " CargoBeamer Compactx ". It is characterized by a very compact design with multiple tracks rather than just a parking and loading lane left and right of the loading lane track. 

Thus, an arrangement of " Compact3 1x12 " (meaning: a track of 12 " gate modules " with three loading tracks each left and right) to a length of only 240 m. 12 modules connected in series can be loaded on trailers before the arrival of the train (ex: a 700 m KV – train!)
The CargoBeamer train is then divided into three groups taking ten minutes, on top of that, ten minutes  pull time including automatic loading and unloading – meaning the train can leave the terminal again about 90 minutes after arrival.

The "asset utilization" of locomotive, wagons, and staff time is extremely efficient.  Investment costs in the cost-benefit ratio are low and the land use for the entire handling facility is only about a quarter of the conventional container crane terminals.

This new compact design of our terminals opens up completely new dimensions and doors to previously closed railway track systems.  Many disused industrial rail sites can be re-developed as an efficient interface for modern semi-trailer transport by train.

Operation of CargoBeamer Compact3 - handling facilities is divided into two time phases that cyclically alternate with one another:

Pre-loading Process

Exchange of arrived and loaded semitrailer - before arrival of the next train:

  1. The automation shifts three „arrived“ semi-trailers on the free side of the track - There terminal trucks pick the trailers up and drop them off in a buffer zone.
  2. Three „entering" semi-trailers can now move onto the three free wagon fixtures.
  3. The automation pushes these three wagon fixtures onto the “transit side” while three other fixtures are moved to the „loading and unloading“ side. 

Handling Process

The loading and unloading of a train is done at a Compact3- handling facility in three groups of wagons. Depending on the arrangement of the handling facility (either with a continuous track or with an „end track ") the train is advanced one wagon group further (for continuous track) or another group is prepared for the rail.

Automation unloads a complete group within ten minutes on the free side and pushes a complete group from the „transit side" onto the trailer unit.