CargoBeamer AG

In essence, CargoBeamer AG develops, organises and markets transport services that are supplemented by subsidiaries for individual industries.

  • Development/maintenance/marketing of the CargoBeamer system
  • Manufacture, delivery and service of wagon and terminal system components
  • Support for system operators - marketing, system maintenance, consulting
  • Operation of the CargoBeamer eLogistics central information, booking and invoicing system

The services are aimed at logistics, freight forwarding and transportation companies throughout Europe.

Die CargoBeamer Gesellschaften

CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH

CargoBeamer intermodal operations GmbH looks after CargoBeamer's customers. It works with the CargoBeamer wagons, terminals and eLogistics booking portal in order to carry out all assignments successfully.

CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH

The rolling stock division is responsible for the wagons and their maintenance. As the owner of the wagons, CargoBeamer fully embodies and safeguards the ‘Entity in Charge of Maintenance’ (ECM) function based on the 445/2011/EG regulation. The necessary audit for this was carried out on 2 May 2012.

CargoBeamer Terminal GmbH

In their ‘Terminals’ division, CargoBeamer AG supports terminal companies and their operators in the supply of equipment, and the commissioning, operation and maintenance of transshipment equipment. A terminal management system was installed to manage it.