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Check-In Terminal


When delivering your trailer to the terminal, the most important safety criteria and transport policies, will be tested for the secure transport of dangerous goods and waste.

The Terminal Check-in is used for detection and documentation of existing damage or defects of the delivered trailer from the road to make a complete and thorough documentation of damages within the transport chain.
In addition, at the check-in the loading and shipping capacity of the semi-trailer will be examined.  The early detection of defects in the semi-trailer make it possible to rectify the problem in time and allow a continued, unobstructed rail transport to the desired destination.

Frequent faults or damage that lead to a transport exclusion:

  • Open or inadequately secured doors and covers
  • Damage to the customs tags or missing customs seals
  • Load shift caused by inadequate cargo securing
  • Lack of bretboards for Curtain-sider