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Protect the environment – semi-trailers on the right track!

CargoBeamer is a logistics service provider for rail, which is building and marketing a Europe-wide network for the transport of non-craneable semi-trailers in Unaccompanied Combined Transport

CargoBeamer, an automated system for Unaccompanied Combined Transport, is an idea from the end of the nineties and was ready to take the step from concept to corporate product at the end of 2007.

CargoBeamer AG is presenting the result to the public in Leipzig: the first Europe-wide licensed CargoBeamer wagons and a plant terminal fitted for automated, parallel horizontal loading.

Environmental protection, relieving the pressure on Europe's roads and supporting transport companies in reducing their CO2 emissions are just some of the leitmotifs of CargoBeamer AG.


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What was set up as a private initiative in 1998 became an AG in 2003. CargoBeamer is a prime example of the pull of technical innovation and pushes Combined Transport to the next level.

CargoBeamer AG

In essence, CargoBeamer AG develops, organises and markets transport services that are supplemented by subsidiaries for individual industries.