The success story


Dr. Hans-Jürgen Weidemann and Michael Baier develop the CargoBeamer concept


CargoBeamer is protected by patents, designs and trademarks


The foundation of CargoBeamer AG in Bautzen


Funding gained via the Saxon ‘R&D-association project funding’ technology programme


Collaborations with companies in the field of railway vehicles


Development and construction of a prototype terminal and three wagons in Leipzig


Roll-out of the first CargoBeamer wagon


Opening of the plant terminal in Leipzig-Engelsdorf

Ground-breaking: technology from Saxony

What was set up as a private initiative in 1998 became an AG in 2003. CargoBeamer is a prime example of the pull of technical innovation and pushes Combined Transport to the next level.

Everyone hearing about CargoBeamer always asks: why didn't someone think of this before? Because CargoBeamer's benefits for nature, society and business are just as obvious as the need to relieve the pressure on Europe's roads.

Railway vehicle manufacture and mechanical engineering – two Saxon specialities that blessed the Kingdom of Saxony with a dense railway network as far back as the mid-nineteenth century. This pioneering role still exists today in the shape of railway vehicle manufacture. No wonder that it's precisely here that CargoBeamer first saw the light of day.

Engineering ingenuity

In 1998, when two engineers came up with the idea of developing a technology that would take all non-craneable semi-trailers onto the railway quickly and easily, the technical and economical potential of CargoBeamer was quickly recognised. They lost no time putting the idea into action and, in 2003, they founded CargoBeamer AG in Bautzen.

In 2010, CargoBeamer AG opened the plant terminal in Leipzig-Engelsdorf where, one year before, the first CargoBeamer wagon had been rolled out. This is where the heart of CargoBeamer AG is today. The terminal is both development centre and showroom, and a meeting place for anyone wanting more information about CargoBeamer technology.

CargoBeamer is a Saxon model of success and an example for national technology transfer. It unites technical expertise and the experience of an entire sector – companies from all over Saxony were involved in its development.



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