3 green reasons

CO2 emissions reduced by around 55%
The environmentally-friendly CargoBeamer system reduces CO2 emissions by more than half compared to road transport. Using one train and one year as the basis for calculation, CargoBeamer prevents around 3,500 tonnes CO2 from polluting nature.

Society saves 3 million euros a year.

Yes! Because each CargoBeamer train reduces costs arising from congestions, accidents, road maintenance and environmental costs by 3 million euros each year.

CargoBeamer has a cost-benefit
ratio of 7:1

The CargoBeamer cost-benefit ratio is incredibly good. Each euro invested in CargoBeamer results in a benefit of 7 euros – for you, for society, for everyone.

Fast, economical and environmentally friendly

Traffic congestion, fuel costs, CO2 - CargoBeamer solves some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Everyone can see it quite clearly: road and motorway capacity has been exhausted. Europe is being threatened with gridlock – with far-reaching effects on economy, environment and society. And Germany is right in the middle of it all. Freight transport volume in Europe is even set to increase: up to 60% by 2015. According to the Federal Ministry of Transport, it will grow annually by 1,200 billion tonne-kilometres by 2050.

Avoiding congestion – but how?

Avoiding the impending gridlock by using the railways stands to reason. Today, however, only around 15% of all trucks involved in road traffic can participate in Unaccompanied Combined Transport (UCT) of road and rail, as only swap bodies, containers, modified semi-trailers with special reinforcements and biting edges are craneable.

CargoBeamer as part of a possible solution

CargoBeamer solves the technical problem by making all semi-trailers compatible with crane handling with its wagons and wagon bases. This means that 70% of the trailers currently found on Europe's motorways can take part in Combined Transport. The key: loading and unloading trains with the handling units takes place virtually silently in less than 15 minutes, as all wagons are loaded and unloaded in parallel and fully automated. CargoBeamer wagons also fit easily into other trains.

This combination of sophisticated loading technology and fast handling makes CargoBeamer the first technology to have the potential to really avert foreseeable gridlock.

Protect nature

Man, the environment and society are direct beneficiaries because each CargoBeamer train reduces CO2 emissions by 3,500 tonnes per year, the energy consumption decreases by 63% per shipment. Society will save around 3 million EUR annually, because, for example, road maintenance, noise control and consequential costs of congestion and accidents will be lower.

95% of all semi-trailers (incl. MEGA trailers, tank and silo trailers and refrigerated trailers) are not equipped for loading using cranes or reach stackers (mobile cargo handling equipment) and can therefore not be transported via rail.

Why should they? Up until now, the railways have not been in a position to take traffic from the roads under economically viable and technically feasible conditions to any appreciable extent.

Benefits for transport companies

CargoBeamer brings many benefits for hauliers and carriers:

  • They can transport their semi-trailers by rail without having to invest in suitable loading units.
  • They can significantly increase the capacity of their traction engines in a two-shift operating system.
  • They have happier drivers who no longer have to sleep near noisy motorways and can be at home with their families after work.
  • They reduce fuel and toll costs whilst protecting the environment.hey increase their profits.

Green light

That's why CargoBeamer is taking great strides forward in taking the pressure off Europe in a big way. In a time when everyone's talking about environmental protection, CargoBeamer is providing tangible facts. The numbers speak for themselves: CargoBeamer uses approximately 63% less energy than road transport. How does it work? It's easy: Rolling friction on the rails is low and the electric locomotives work in an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly way. In this way, CargoBeamer saves approximately three-quarters of the energy per semi-trailer a lorry would need for transport.