In short - CargoBeamer in three sentences

  • CargoBeamer is an intelligent handling system made up of handling units and freight wagons with mobile bases.
  • With their help, semi-trailers of any kind can be loaded within minutes and without any technical modifications.
  • From truck to train, from road to rail – and back again.

7 in one

  • CargoBeamer makes all semi-trailers, MEGA trailers, tank, silo and refrigerated trailers fit for rail.
  • CargoBeamer loads and unloads a train with 36 semi-trailers in just 15 minutes.
  • CargoBeamer saves staff time and expenses.
  • CargoBeamer protects the environment with reduced CO2 emissions and low energy consumption.
  • CargoBeamer also works in conventional crane terminals.
  • CargoBeamer can work seamlessly with ‘mixed trains’ and other freight wagons.
  • CargoBeamer automatically and quickly switches to Russian tracks and back.

How it works in a CargoBeamer Terminal!

From semi-trailers to passenger: CargoBeamer takes semi-trailers from truck to truck like a passenger. The truck becomes a taxi. Loading is done automatically, reliably, quickly and without waiting times as it is parallel.

Like a taxi, the truck driver brings their passenger – a semi-trailer, MEGA trailer or tank or silo trailer – to the CargoBeamer terminal. There, they set it down into a waiting wagon base, a type of trough, which is subsequently loaded onto the wagon.

The most important thing in 4 minutes: a video.

Taxi service to the terminal: delivery of the semi-trailers

The truck can leave the terminal immediately, truck and train do not have to wait for each other. There are no waiting times at CargoBeamer. After delivery, the truck driver is immediately free for a new transport job and can take a semi-trailer with them that has already arrived at the terminal. In this way, traction engines are used more efficiently and transport companies increase their productivity.

Handling in record time

As soon as the train arrives, the handling of all semi-trailers takes place automatically at the press of a button. CargoBeamer needs less than 15 minutes to unload and reload an entire freight train – regardless of how many semi-trailers there are. Add a few minutes for clearance checks and the train is once again ready to leave. And off we go!

In comparison: A crane needs several hours to handle road-rail as it has to hoist each individual semi-trailer and set it on the train. CargoBeamer needs only a fraction of the time as it can load all of the transport units simultaneously and in parallel.