Manoeuvring made easy

36 wagon bases of up to 700 metres in length stand ready on the parking tracks, each offset left and right parallel to the tracks on the same level. There is sufficient manoeuvring room between the pallets to load the semi-trailer into the pallet

The truck or our terminal vehicle drives from the driving lane into the parking track and can drive forwards or backwards into a pallet, so that they can place the trailer on it – be it standard, MEGA, silo, tank or refrigerated.

Once uncoupled, the driver can pick up a previously unloaded semi-trailer or leave the terminal again with their lorry.

There are no waiting times in the CargoBeamer terminal. The pre-loading process can take place shortly before the train leaves, as it does not depend on the train being present.

Parallel transshipment in no time

When the train arrives in the terminal, up to 36 wagon bases can be placed on the empty parking track to the side at the same time, within minutes and fully automatically.

Then all the wagon bases loaded with semi-trailers can be placed on the train immediately and again in parallel.

Inrailbox zur Waggonpositionierung
In order for pallets and wagons to be placed in precisely the right place, the tracks are fitted with so-called Inrail boxes which extend guide arms. They position the wagon in the right place and hold it there during transshipment.

The side walls of the wagon fold down to make way for loading the pallet. The shuttle bars pull the pallet onto the wagon, similar to a forklift.

In order to make the pallet slide onto the wagon, the load is raised and the shuttle bars go underneath.

Once the load is in position on the wagon (or is parked on the other side in the parking lane), it is lowered again so that the semi-trailer kingpin is securely locked and held in place. The side walls fold back up and secure the pallet with the trailer. All aboard!

The whole process of transshipping 72 semi-trailers takes less than 15 minutes.