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CargoBeamer will 2014 durchstarten

Mitte 2014 will der Intermodalentwickler und -betreiber Cargobeamer "erste reguläre Italien-Verkehre" starten.

Transport Logistic: Cargobeamer startet mit ersten Zügen

Leipzig/München. Auf der Messe Transport Logistic gab der KV-Operateur Cargobeamer mit der Aufnahme der ersten beiden Relationen den Startschuss für seinen kommerziellen Verkehr im Kombinierten Verkehr Schiene-Straße (KV).

CargoBeamer-Anlage ausgezeichnet

Der Automobilhersteller Volkswagen und das Unternehmen CargoBeamer haben für den Bau der CargoBeamer-Anlage in Wolfsburg den Logistikpreis elogistics award 2013 erhalten.

Cargo Beamer: Erfolgreiche Testfahrt von Leipzig nach Calais

Cargo Beamer hat eine Testfahrt von Leipzig nach Calais erfolgreich durchgeführt und plant nun den Bau von Umschlagterminals in Calais, Hagen, Legnica (Polen) und Mockava (Litauen).

CargoBeamer News


CargoBeamer in Calais – A milestone on the road towards greater environmental protection in goods transportation within Europe

Calais is the most important logistics hub between the United Kingdom and Europe. Every day, around 8,000 semi-trailers make the trip over the Channel by ferry or through the Channel Tunnel, and this number is rising.


1.000 mal CargoBeamer-Alpin

Kaldenkirchen, 23. März.  Zum 1000. Mal verkehrt der „CargoBeamer Alpin“ – Zug zwischen dem italienischen Domodossola und Kaldenkirchen bei Venlo an der deutsch-holländischen Grenze.


International Transport Forum technical tour to CargoBeamer AG Leipzig

Today one of the ITF Technical Tour Visitors group attended the technical demonstration of CargoBeamer intermodal logistic system at the terminal development site at Leipzig.
Innovative rail wagons and automated loading terminal technology meets the challenge to make today's standard road semi-trailers compatible to rail transport.


Cost effective and environmentally friendly freight transport: CargoBeamer holds greatest promise

In a study of three scenarios for increased electric vehicle freight traffic, the Swiss research institute Infras investigated the business, economic and environmental impacts on achievement of climate targets by 2030. In the comparison, rail-road combined transport and in particular the CargoBeamer technology offers the best preconditions for protecting the climate, significantly relieving the motorway network, while at the same time being capable of realisation with low investment.


CargoBeamer goes China

Leipzig/Munich - CargoBeamer, Atop Beijing und Zhongche Group Jinan have signed an agreement to produce CargoBeamer railwagons and terminal technology in China to operate CargoBeamer trains within China and furtheron to transport containers from Asia to Europe by rail via the new Silkroad.

With this step the rail operator CargoBeamer achieved an important success towards the internationalisation of this innovative intermodal technology.


An impulse for shifting traffic

CargoBeamer and BLS Cargo are capable, for the first time, to cross the alps on the Gotthard-route with semi-trailers up to 4 meters high. CargoBeamer offers three round trips per week between Cologne and Melzo/Italy with about three hundred trains p.a.


CargoBeamer is one of the „Top 10 Nominated Suppliers“!

CargoBeamer has acquired the Volkswagen Tender "Logistic Innovation 2015" and the distinction of "Top 10 Nominated Supplier"


Establishment of CargoBeamer France SAS

CargoBeamer and DCB International have set up a joint company for cargo handling and transportation in France


Gotthard Tunnel, Switzerland: Intermodal system CargoBeamer enables combined transport of all 4m high semi-trailers

CargoBeamer is a European transport system consisting of special wagons and terminals with revolutionary cargo handling which allow all non-liftable semi-trailers to be shifted from road to rail.