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Shipping Guidelines – Requirement of the semi-trailer

General requirement of all semi-trailers to be loaded

All craneable, non-craneable, Standard, MEGA, Reefer, Silo, and Sliding-floor trailers that meet local traffic laws; including the following listed additional conditions, are transportable:

Technical Requirements

  • Semi-trailers require no codification UIC596
  • A valid EU vehicle permit and authority approved licence number
  • Loading unit must meet local laws in regards to traffic safety (wheels, awning covering, support legs, brake lights, etc.)
  • Semi-trailers must be equipped with retractable pneumatic suspension
  • For no codification trailers with an awning: The awning must have a load safety certificate (EN 12642 Code XL)
  • Total height, maximum, lowered pneumatic suspension 4.0m
  • Total width, maximum 2.6m
  • Total weight, maximum 37 t
  • Maximum axle load 9t
  • Maximum bearing strength of the Kingpin 12t
Other Requirements
  • The BAG (German Ministry for Freight Transport) publishes a valid set of regulations for load safety that must be followed and complied with, especially STVO §22 Abs. 1 and the VDI-Guideline 2700 “Load Safety”
  • Doors and all awnings must be closed according to specification.
  • A loading unit with a wrap around awning super structure must be sealed and the draw tube must be secured in its mounting bracket.
  • All tension belts must be closed securely.  A damaged, although secure tension belt, can be accepted if both ends have a provisional secure closure.  However, both ends are not allowed next to the lock bar.  The provisional secured closure needs to be connected to the apparatus, show no signs of bending and run parallel to the Eckholm.
  • The crank handle for elevating the support legs must be attached to the loading unit.