Relieve, protect, save

Relieving road traffic, caring for the environment, saving energy:  CargoBeamer takes all trailers from the motorways to the railways.

An easy drive to the train station, fast boarding and disembarking, on schedule and no congestion or complications on the shuttle train – that's what the journey of a semi-trailer looks like when it embarks on a big trip with CargoBeamer. A truck will pick it up at the destination station in order to couple up the trailer and take it to its next destination.
That's how easy it is with the CargoBeamer system, where the principle of public transport is applied to freight.

Using CargoBeamer allows all semitrailers to participate in combined transport

Whether standard or MEGA trailers, Reefer-trailers, Tank or Silo-trailers, CargoBeamer can load any type of trailer, and in a very short time.  A solution that works and makes Combined Transport (CT) fit for the future.

Transport companies save time and money, because drivers can comfortably park their trailers directly on a wagon superstructure at CargoBeamer terminals and can immediately take another semi-trailer again.  A two shift system is possible since the focus is on the transport of trucks locally. Thus, the towing vehicles are better utilized, legally prescribed driving and rest times are easily met, toll money is omitted, and much more.

Höchste Eisenbahn - Maximum Railway

In the CargoBeamer terminals trains are quickly and quietly, unloaded and loaded in parallel. CargoBeamer wagon superstructures enable non-craneable semi-trailers to be transferred from the road to the rails – more cost efficiently and with no extra equipment for the trailer.

Transporting semi-trailers without the truck drivers present relieves Europe's roads, saving valuable energy and money. The personnel free transport of goods has moved from desire to reality.