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Adapter for Waggon

The pallets, a kind of steel trough, are even on the inside, have a constant cross section and rest on the terminal floor.

The edge of the pallet is a slanted ramp so that the truck has enough room for its front bumper. The ground clearance is 102 mm above the tarmac.

Loading and unloading in one go

A CargoBeamer can be composed of up to 36 wagons, then it would be 700 metres long. In order to enable fast loading and unloading, the semi-trailers in pallets are moved onto the wagons at the same time. In less than 15 minutes.

Use in any weather

CargoBeamer even works in extreme conditions such as heat, snow and ice, as it doesn't use any weather-sensitive technology. This means that semi-trailers get to their destinations safely in both summer and winter – and all this with no traffic jams on the motorway.

Pallets are also craneable

An additional advantage of the CargoBeamer pallet: it has biting edges for cranes and can be transshipped in crane terminals or with reach stackers – with no special equipment required for the crane operator.