Sophisticated wagon technology

CargoBeamer terminal and wagon technology is sophisticated, robust and simple. As a complete system, CargoBeamer has revolutionised Combined Transport.

The wagons use tried and tested, well-known standard elements like standard draw and buffing gears. They do not need any electrics, hydraulics or sensors. All this makes them hardy and robust.

CargoBeamer wagons are fitted with shock-absorbing long-stroke buffers – ‘1g buffers’ – from Schwab VT in Schaffhausen (Switzerland). Acceleration at the trailers remains at ‘1g’ even with major impacts – an important prerequisite for the transport of delicate goods.

As the wagons have two identical standard Y25 bogies and no Jacobs bogies, their axle loads are less than 20 tonnes so that they can be loaded with up to 37 tonne semi-trailers.

CargoBeamer wagons can be coupled to any freight wagon and any locomotive.
The wagons also come with UIC 505-1-profile compatibility and have a UIC 596-6-compliant pivot distance of 14,200 mm.

The side walls can be folded down so that the pallet can be moved onto the wagon laterally. Once folded back up, they secure the whole pallet including the trailer.

The wagons

  • have two standard Y25 bogies
  • have no Jacobs bogies, their axle loads are therefore less than 20 tonnes and they can be loaded with 40 tonne semi-trailers
  • have standard draw and buffing gears (Schwab VT 1g buffers)
  • can be coupled to any freight car and any locomotive
  • need no electrics, hydraulics or sensors
  • work reliably even in cold weather
  • have UIC 505-1 profile compatibility
  • have a UIC 596-6 compliant pivot distance of 14,200 mm
  • work with pallets that have biting edges for cranes and can be loaded via crane terminals or reach stackers
  • overall length: 19.3 m
  • axle load (37 tonne trailer) <19 tonnes


  • 2010 EG-Zertifikat TSI vom europäischen Amt EBC
  • 2010 EBA-Inbetriebnahmegenehmigung für Deutschland
  • 2011 Inbetriebnahmegenehmigung für die Schweiz, Belgien und Österreich
  • 2012 epsf-Inbetriebnahmegenehmigung für Frankreich
  • 2012 Eisenbahnministerium Litauen