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Your top 10 benefits

Your top 10 benefits

  1. The CargoBeamer system works without additional equipment or retrofitting trailer
  2. Permissions for rail transport (codification/ILU code) not necessary
  3. Drivers save valuable waiting time as truck and train do not have to wait for each other
  4. Lorries double their potential capacity
  5. Regular shifts on-site become possible
  6. The profitability of your company increases
  7. Lower toll fees and fuel costs
  8. CO2 emissions are reduced
  9. Complying with working times becomes easier
  10. CargoBeamer saves drivers from sleeping at rest areas, ensuring lower costs and a more regular family life.

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CargoBeamer drives transport companies forwards

More transport capacity in less time, drivers at home with their families after work, lower fuel costs, improved capacity, more profits - a life without traffic jams has many advantages for transport companies in particular.

What freight company isn't familiar with that? No sooner has the freight left the yard, it gets stuck in traffic. Customers are waiting impatiently, but until the truck leaves the highway, all kinds of things can happen – and motorways can become car parks.

The driver has to sleep in rest areas and cannot drive on Sundays or weekends during the summer holidays. Often, time pressure is so high that it's difficult to accept the working time regulations with a smile.

All this makes it hard to find motivated staff who are prepared to structure their family life accordingly – or to sacrifice it. Then there are expenses for tolls, fuel and for CO2 emissions in the future too.

A wish list for road transport companies

Imagine your transportation costs falling. Your drivers can go home to their families every day. Your trucks become taxis driving their trailers to the terminal. And that's only the beginning. Hard to imagine? CargoBeamer makes it possible!

Reliable, sensible, profitable

CargoBeamer gets all your semi-trailers onto the tracks without specific special equipment like biting edges. This means your MEGA trailers, tank, silo and refrigerated trailers can ride on the train, too. Your transport processes can be planned out as you can count on fixed running times. And bans on driving during public holidays, Sundays and during summer holidays are no longer an issue. Trucks in Combined Transport also no longer have to pay road tax.

Keep operating your business as before, but with at least double the number of semi-trailers, whereby half of them are on the railway! You can simply rent all necessary semi-trailers from us!

Significantly increase the capacity of your traction engines. With CargoBeamer, your trailers can be loaded with an extra 4 tonnes, i.e. 44 instead of 40 tonnes total weight.

More transport capacity with the same fleet and lower cost of capital? No problem! There are many ways to benefit from CargoBeamer. Just ask us! Give us a call!

Insured, secure, protected

As your trailer is attached to the CargoBeamer wagon base just like on a traction engine, frame and legs are protected and, at most, just as loaded as they would be on the road. This means the life of your semi-trailer is at least as long as it would be on the road.

We do not touch your semi-trailer during transport. Everything is carefully documented with images upon entering, leaving and inside the terminal, so that you are kept informed on its condition. Should something happen, your trailer is insured as normal, just as it is on the road.

CargoBeamer – ready for the future!